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Magnetic Deslimer

Magnetic Deslimer is mainly used for selection of magnetite as well as concentrating operation.The magnetic degutter (also called magnetodesilter) is a kind of separation equipment which combines magnetic force and gravity, which is widely used in magnetic separation process. It can be removed from slime and fine pulsates, as well as used as a pre-filtered enrichment plant. At present, the magnetic deflume is divided into two types: permanent magnet deflume and electromagnetic degutter. The current application of the more extensive is the permanent magnet dehydration tank. The magnetic characteristic of the magnetic field of the tower magnet is that the intensity distribution of the magnetic field along the axial direction is weak and the lower part is strong. The radial distribution is weak around and strong in the middle; The axial magnetic field gradient is larger than the radial direction. Therefore, the large diameter magnetic deflume is better suited to the bottom of the tower.

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