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Lifting Magnets

A device with a core, which USES a coil of electric current to make it a magnet, is called an lifting electromagnet. The core should be magnetized easily. The electromagnet is magnetic when it is energized, and then it disappears. Electromagnets are widely used in daily life. The invention of electromagnet also greatly improved the power of generator. The lifting electromagnet has many advantages: 1. The whole sealing structure is adopted and the moisture resistance is good. 2. Optimized by computer, it has a reasonable structure, light weight, high suction power and low energy consumption. 3. The excitation coil is processed by special process, which improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil, and the thermal grade of insulation material reaches C, and the service life is long. 4. The rating of normal electromagnet has been increased to 60% from 50% in the past, and the use efficiency of electromagnet has been improved. 5, ultra high temperature type electromagnet adopts unique heat insulation method, which was drawn objects have a past a temperature of 600 ℃ 700 ℃, expand the scope of electromagnet.6. Installation, operation and maintenance are simple.

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