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Benefication Machine

We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of mining machinery, have profuse designs with series quality grade, and expressly, our price is very competitive because we are manufacture. 

1.Description Of Benefication Mineral Sand Separator Machine :

For 2mm~0.10mm coarse coal separation;

Fiberglass with polyurethane lining;

Stable, easy control, high recovery, simple design, power free;

Limited space, easy assembly and operation.

2.Advantages of Benefication Mineral Sand Separator Machine :

Imported raw material

Spiral coil whole fiberglass frame with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance

Spiral coil surface is sprayed 4±0.5mm imported polyurethane, abrasion and corrosion resistance 

Spiral chute cross section is cubic parabola with high separation accuracy, high quantity efficiency

Small occupation area, easy operation and low operation cost 

3.Principle of Benefication Mineral Sand Separator Machine :

After coarse coal slime enters into spiral separator, materials with different particle size and density have different movement track in spiral chute because light and heavy particles are subjected to gravity, centrifugal force, friction, hydrodynamic pressure function in spiral chute. Finally gangue is discharged from inner edge of spiral chute and clean coal is discharged from outer edge to separate clean coal and gangue.

4. Application of Benefication Mineral Sand Separator Machine :

Spiral separator for coal slime is widely used for coarse coal clime treatment in coal preparation plant, especially suitable for 2mm-0.1mm coarse coal slime separation in thermal coal preparation plant.

Thermal coal preparation plant, 2-0.1mm coarse coal slime separation

Separation of difficult flotation oxidized coal slime, high sulfur coal slime 

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