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Gold mining equipment

Gold mining machine Flowsheet by Magnetic Separation


step1:Crushing-- Put the ingredients broken 

      1)introduction: Due to the volume of gold ore produced is too large , so it is necessary to the mined ore crushing. In this process , send the ore into the grinder device to crushed . In general, The System requirements of the ore particle size for general 12mm------18mm.

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step2:Grinding--The processing of raw materials carefully 

      1) Process introduction: In this process, we must first make clear the requirements for each ore solution particle standards, Based with the aid of various equipment, put all sorts of ore grinding to separation units required unit solution size.

      2).Main Equipment:Feeder,Ball Mill,Classifier, Cyclone,High frequency screen,Lattice mill,Overflow ball mill,etc. 

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step3: Sorting --Select fine ore powder 

      1).Process introduction: In the production process,not all the ore powder are in line with the standard . we need to filter the ore powder . In this process We use professional equipment to elect qualified concentrate powder from ore , eliminated does not meet the criteria for ore.      

      2).Main Equipment:Mixing drum,Flotate separ ator,magnetic separator, Centrifugal gold machineetc.  

step4:Dehydration --Take off water in the ore

      1).Process introduction: Due to various constraints, after the front of several processes , there are always some residual moisture in the ore powder, then we ne ed to pick out concentrate dehydration, to meet the requirements of transportation and smelting.

      2.)Main Equipment:Vacuum filter,Box pressure filter,Folding belt filter,Ceramic filter,Vacuum pump, Driving thickener,etc.

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