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Sea Sand For Processing Iron

Our company  manufacture the sand iron quality, with complete equipment field intensity can be as high as 6000 gs can completely meet all kinds of the sand iron and my company has a professional laboratory and dressing experiment prototype, providing customers with dressing experiment analysis, help you understand the ore analysis, the profit value. Features and advantages of the iron equipment structure:

1. The magnetic system of the iron equipment of sea sand is used in all magnetic materials of ndfeb. The magnetic field is stable and the material is smooth, which can achieve the purpose of rough selection or scavenging

2. According to the characteristics of the material and the selection of the iron equipment, the sea-sand selection equipment can choose the downstream, upstream and semi-upstream channels, and the semi-upstream channels are selected in general

3. The bottom channel of the sea sand optional iron equipment is the movable channel, which can adjust the spacing between the magnetic cylinder and the channel of the tank according to the change of the material, and then adjust the concentrate grade and equipment handling capacity

4. There are two ways to use high pressure water or brush discharge to discharge ore.

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