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As the jaw crusher is simple in structure and easy to manufacture, so many domestic manufacturers, but in the production of large jaw crusher, compared with the international level, the gap is great. Therefore, to find out the gap and develop and improve the technological level of the existing large size crusher is the key point for the related enterprises in the world.

Baxter Mining Machinery Co. Ltd from start-up to modern economic development process, for decades now, Baxter has developed into a set of R & D, production, sales and service in one of the large-scale professional enterprises, with strong R & D strength, the developed jaw crusher has been greatly recognized by the high quality requirements of users, and the production efficiency is very high, the body is lightweight, easy installation, small footprint, easy to control the layout of the whole production line, as many stone factory's good heart.

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Jaw crusher is used for crushing stone, yield than the traditional jaw crusher 50%, and crushing ratio, especially suitable for crushing stone, limestone, granite, diabase rock pebbles, etc., by virtue of its superior performance, industry by mining, smelting, building materials, highway and railway alike and has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost operation, technical personnel and the movable jaw plate is optimized, the better performance of the equipment, to provide customers with better service. And in its original equipment level, but also in the details of the supremacy of perfection, and strive to achieve better.

Jaw crusher Baxter has undergone several upgrades, at present, the application in the market is the crushing equipment of the latest technology, the achievements of a number of extraordinary stone factory.

The new sand broken note in the use of machine maintenance, crusher in the use process, if not timely and reasonable to take some protective measures will lead to the crusher equipment easy to corrosion or prone to failure in the process of using, thus affecting the crusher work efficiency, reach the expected effect.

The following points are the maintenance points of the crusher in use:

1. temperature impact on the crusher

At work, the temperature of each component has its normal range. The crusher is in use process, a low temperature to prevent overload, ensure the normal operation of low temperature pre stage, the machine has reached the specified temperature after traveling or working, not because it was not the problem but ignore the important; two to prevent mechanical operation at high temperature, the mechanical operation process always check the numerical thermometer, found the problem immediately stop check, find fault even excluding. For the moment can not find the reason, must not be processed and still make the machine sick work. In peacetime work, should pay attention to check the cooling system work. For water-cooled machinery, must check before the daily work, add cooling water; for air-cooled machinery, but also regularly clean up the dust on the air-cooled system, to ensure that the cooling air flow.

2. impurities on the impact of the crusher

Mechanical impurities, generally refers to dust, soil and other non-metallic materials and the use of crusher in the process of lifting some metal chips, wear and tear products. Once these impurities into the internal machinery to match surface mechanical, its harm is great, not only make out the relative motion block, accelerated wear parts, and will scratch with the surface, destruction of the lubricant film, make parts temperature and oil deterioration. It is determined that when the mechanical impurities in lubricating oil increase to 0.15%, the degree of wear of the first piston ring of the engine will be 2.5 times larger than the normal value. When the rolling bearings enter the impurity particles, the service life of the piston will be reduced by 80% to 90%. Therefore, the crusher work in the harsh environment and complex conditions in place, one is to use high quality, supporting components and lubricating oil and grease, the source block harmful impurities; two to do a good job of mechanical protection work site, ensure the corresponding mechanism to work, to prevent impurities from entering the internal machinery. For failure of machinery, as far as possible to the formal repair site repair. Site repair, but also to do a good job of protection measures to prevent on-site repair parts replaced by dust and other impurities before entering the machinery.

3. corrosion on the impact of the crusher

The destruction of a metal surface by chemical or electrochemical reactions with its surrounding medium is called corrosion. This corrosion will not only affect the normal work of the machinery and equipment, but also corrode the parts inside the machine. Such as rain in the air, chemicals in the air through the mechanical components of the external channel, gap and so on into the machinery, corrosion of machinery parts and components, to accelerate mechanical wear, increase mechanical failure. Because of this corrosion, it is sometimes invisible. Can not touch, easily overlooked, and therefore more dangerous. In use, management and operating personnel according to the prevailing local weather conditions and air pollution, to take effective measures to reduce the effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the mechanical, is focused on preventing chemical composition of rainwater and air invasion of machinery.

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