2018-01-11 13:20:45

Midfielder magnetic separator adopts open magnetic system, strength of drum table points selection field can reach 4000-4000 gs, it is mainly used for quartz, feldspar powder and other non-metallic mineral iron purification, and it is popular in tailings recycling factory . Its characteristics include as below:

1. The field intensity of the mining area, separation of ore separation and mining area is different, and the polarity of the magnetic system varies in the circle.

2. The specially designed tank can also be used for preprimary casting of strong magnetic minerals.

3. A uniform slurry flow pattern can be formed by specially designed to the mining area.

4. The width and height of the equipment are optimized by optimizing the design, and the optimal parameters are selected, which is not only the field strength of the magnetic system surface and the roller surface, but also the magnetic field depth.

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