2018-01-03 14:22:06

Today We will share some methods of the magnetic separator equipment used in choosing different types of iron ore.

1. Magnetic iron ore dressing

It is used to select a similar "anshan" magnetite. Because of strong magnetic ore, grinding good choose, domestic magnetic separation plant selects a grinding or multiple stage grinding process, choose the former coarser particles of magnetite, fine, fine particles of magnetite chooses the latter.

2. Beneficiation of weak magnetic iron ore

It is used to select hematite, limonite, mirror iron ore, siderite or mixed ore, also known as "red ore". This type is difficult to separate hasing a series features,such as low grade, fine distribution and disjointed ore. Most of them are roasting magnetic separation, wet magnetic separation, weak magnetic flotation and gravity separation process, In the meantime,these equipment and new varieties of continuous improvement, they are also make the concentrate grade, metal recovery rate increased.

3. Ore beneficiation of multiple metals

This kind of ore composition is mixed and disorderly, so we according to its feature choosing suitable equipment and process, such as baiyun obo ore choose reverse flotation - more gradient magnetic separation, flocculation flotation, weak magnetic - reverse flotation, magnetic separation, weak magnetic - is flotation, roasting magnetic separation, such as different technological process, in order to improve the recovery rates of iron, and the classified recovery of rare earth oxides. Panzhihua iron ore through magnetic separation to obtain TFe53 % of vanadium iron concentrate, magnetic separation of tailings after a weak magnetic and magnetic separation and gravity separation - flotation - boring electric separation, sulfur and made of titanium concentrate, cobalt concentrate recovery of titanium and cobalt. The iron ore is used to classify iron, copper, cobalt, sulfur and other elements.

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