2017-12-06 15:50:22

As we all know, the magnetic separator equipment plays a role in the iron ore dressing process.However, in the whole process of processing, not only the magnetic separator is one kind of equipment, but also some other equipment can show other functions, today we will share one of them: fine screen.

With the development of iron and steel industry, fine screen is widely used in black metal dressing process. After adding fine sieve in the process, the grade of concentrate has been greatly improved. At present, the grade of iron concentrate in the domestic has reached 66% after the use of technology for fine screen. And the individual has reached 68%, which is equal to the most advanced level in the world. Due to the improvement of iron concentrate grade, it plays an important role in improving the production of blast furnace and reducing coke consumption. The application of fine sieve in the selection of plant has also played a role in preventing the grinding and improving the selection of the job. Therefore, it is also widely used in some nonferrous metals such as copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, and tin can also be used in the grinding cycle.

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