2018-01-17 11:44:27

The magnetic separator plays an important role in mine iron ore dressing by continuous improvement and continuous research. Magnetic separator is the main equipment for improving grade for iron .mineral processing refers to the mining of the ore passes through each link of the operation, finally get to meet the requirements of smelting ore concentrate production process. The function of the magnetic separator is to replace the traditional human power with technology, and then realize the consummation, technicalization and greening of the equipment.

The design structure of the magnetic separator box produced by weifang baite magnet technology co., LTD is reasonable, the large particle cleaning is convenient and the box is strong. The transmission system is simple and durable, easy to disassemble and easy to adjust. The magnetic system of the magnetic separator is composed of high quality ferrite magnetic materials or magnetic materials with rare earth magnetic steel. The magnetic separator was added on the original magnetic separator enhanced magnetic separation module, long module into multilayer structure, uniform distribution, increase the intensity of magnetic field, increased the raw materials in the distance.

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