2017-10-31 15:47:32

Magnetic separator industry development to today, has been for decades. In this several decades, the magnetic separator through the industry R & D personnel of the uninterrupted efforts, has been constantly updated and improved. Now the magnetic separator can be used in a variety of different industries and iron ore iron and so on. Here, Xiaobian to tell you about the special application of iron in the election of iron magnetic separator equipment.

Magnetic separator industry from the beginning of nothing, to the current technological progress with remarkable results, product variety is constantly enriched, product quality level continues to increase. Among them, the magnetic circuit of the river sand filter is composed of very little micro-magnet, a plurality of permanent magnets and a magnetic working space. The prominent feature of the magnetic circuit of the river sand is: the working space is completely closed, the magnetic flux leakage is small, the magnetic field is stable, and the working space is large, and the magnetic domain is divided into three parts: weak, medium and strong.

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