2018-01-04 09:30:56

Some factors Have An Impact On Index Of Magnetic Separator

The feed size and pulp concentration are the important factors that influence the magnetic selection index of magnetic separator.

One, the feed size of magnetic separator have a certain effect on most of the equipment of the magnetic separator, because in its work, different machine has different Efficiency of feed size. If feed size is big, the monomers separating degree is not high, and magnetic materials are still partly combined with the gangue, which makes it very difficult to select other minerals.so it is important to have suitable feed size to achieve a certain ore dressing indexes .

Second, in the process of magnetic separator for magnetic separation, pulp density will affect the quality of the concentrate, Because the concentrate particles are easy to be covered by the thinner pulsates ,It lowers the grade. However, if the concentration of the ore is too small, the separation degree of the monomer is high, which can obtain satisfactory selection criteria, but it will reduce the yield of concentrate. Therefore, the concentration must be adjusted properly.

These are the two main factors that influence the magnetic selection index of grain selecting machine for Weifang Baite Magnet Technology co., LTD. At the same time, the company also provides high quality equipment for the majority of customers.

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