2017-10-30 16:21:53

River sand refers to the river, the lake inside the sand mine, which contains a certain amount of iron, so the river sand separator are used in the river or iron boat.

At present, weifang Baxter magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. production of sand filter in the country among the best. River sand is mixed with different sizes of stones, so in order to protect the safety of magnetic separator, must go through the screening system. According to the different river environment, in general, the stone is relatively small, relatively small diameter of the river with a self-shock screening machine can be, this screening is easy to maintain, save power. And a lot of stones, the diameter of the river is relatively large roller with a sieve. After the sieving of the stone directly into the river, if the economic value can also be transported to the shore by the conveyor belt, and then transferred to the magnetic separation system sand.

Magnetic separation system is mainly magnetic separator and washing system. The technical advantages of this magnetic separator is: with a small amount of magnetic conductors and multiple permanent magnets to form a number of magnetic work area, the formation of weak, medium and strong three magnetic field, a multi-function machine, a machine to provide a multi-election Conditions, and small size, light weight, magnetic separator easy to achieve large-scale. Magnetic circuit stability is good, the magnetic field is not obvious.


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